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Steyr Promotional Videos

  • Ansch├╝tz MSR/RX22 Sporting Rifle

  • Merkel RX Helix

  • Steyr Pro Hunter

  • Steyr A1 Pistol

  • Steyr AUG/A3 Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Merkel K3 Hunting Rifle

  • Steyr SM12 Rifle

  • Steyr Scout

  • Steyr AUG Demo - courtesy of Trigger Video LLC

    Wes Doss Demonstrating the Steyr AUG A3 bullpup carbine. Video courtesy of Trigger Video LLC,

  • Steyr AUG/A3 Endurance Test

    Steyr Arms just wrapped up 20000 rounds of endurance tests on the new AUG/A3 SA.