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July Newsletter-Steyr Arms to Import Pistol Again!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Steyr Arms, Inc., July 2010

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Steyr Arms Importing Additional Pistols!

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We are pleased to announce that Steyr Arms will again import the Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August.  SAI will import additional quantities of both models in both a 9mm version as well as a .40 S&W.  The MA-1 and the SA-1 were two of Steyr's best selling models, but the fall of the dollar versus the euro over the last several years caused the price point to escalate far too high to import.  Internationally, the pistols sell for 610 Euro or over $800 at a 1.4 exchange rate.  However, SAI felt the price point needed to be much lower to truly compete in the US market.  Due to a bulk buying agreement with Austria and the recent rise of the dollar against the Euro, it became much more economical to import some additional pistols into the USA.  Starting in August, SAI will be re-releasing both the MA-1 and SA-1 versions at a suggested retail price of $649.  We are very excited to be able to offer these items again to the Steyr fanatics out there.  Thank you for all of the emails and feedback over the last two years encouraging us to bring back the pistol!  For more information about the pistol series, see your local Steyr retailer or call us at 205-655-8299. To see specs on the SA-1pistol click here.  To see specs on the MA-1 pistol click here.

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