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Newsletter - October 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Rifle: The Steyr Scout


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Did you know that the person most responsible for designing one of the most popular Steyr rifles in recent times was not Austrian?  In fact, most of the key components of the Steyr Scout were engineered with feedback from legendary Colonel Jeff Cooper.  Most people are unsure exactly what comprises a Scout rifle.  For the most part, the Scout rifle was meant to be the ultimate general purpose rifle.  It needed to be able to take most game animals (up to 400 kg), at ranges up to 300 meters (330 yards), it needed to be less than 1 meter in length (39"), and weigh less than 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds).  Hence, the Steyr Scout .308 was born in 1998.  Some of the other features that distinguish the Steyr Scout is a two stage magazine, spare magazine compartment in the stock, integrated bi-pod, emergency flip up sights, and the extreme accuracy of its cold hammer forged barrel.  Originally Steyr launched a Jeff Cooper package Scout that came complete with a Leupold 2.5 forward mounted optic.  Col. Cooper felt this package was the absolute best for quick acquisition of targets.  Steyr Arms is still selling the same packages today, however, we can no longer provide signed letters of authenticity and the stock color has changed from gray to black.  If you would like more info on the Scout click here or see your authorized Steyr Retailer.

Steyr Announces Free AUG Tactical Hard Case Offer!                                        

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Steyr Arms is pleased to announce a special rebate!  Purchase a new AUG/A3 SA USA from any authorized Steyr Retailer before Dec. 31, 2009 and get this awesome Tactical Hard Case Free!  That's free!!  We even pay for the shipping and handling.  Click here to see a larger image of the case or to purchase individually.  This case ($233 suggested retail) is made for Steyr Arms by Boyt and comes with the Steyr Arms logo on the outside.  To print out a rebate form click here.
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Online Warranty Registration Now Available                                       

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If you are like most people when you bring home your brand new Steyr, you can't wait to get everything out of the box and head to the range.  Consequently, we get 2-3 requests a week from people who throw away the box and paperwork containing their owners manual and warranty registration cards.  As most of you know we have most of the owners manuals available online and now we finally have the ability to let you register your warranty online as well. At the very top of our website is a link to our  "Warranty Registration."   If you forgot to register when you purchased your rifle or even if you are outside your warranty period, feel free to register it now.  Steyr Arms is committed to customer satisfaction and we are well known for oftentimes fixing customer concerns well outside the warranty period.