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Mannlicher Scout

Due to its short overall length of just 98 cm (38,6") and the low weight with approximately 3 kg (6.6 pounds), the MANNLICHER SCOUT is the perfect rifle to be utilized universally.

If there was a saying "A man needs only one rifle", then this rifle must be a MANNLICHER SCOUT....

Handy and Practical

An additional five or an optional ten-cartridge-magazine, can be accommodated in the hollow well of the ergonomically shaped synthetic stock. This is not the only detail, which makes this lightweight rifle practical and universal.


Every demand can be satisfied by one of the MANNLICHER SCOUT variants: the black type or STAINLESS steel, or the JEFF-COOPER package version. Beyond that, an extensive range of accessories is also available.

Always Stable

When necessary, the bipod, which is integrated in the stock's forearm, can be unfolded. Thus, the shot will be precise even when no other support is available.


  Mannlicher Scout
Calibers .223 Rem.
.243 Rem.
7 mm-08 Rem.
.308 Win.
Barrel Length 485 mm (19'')
Magazine 2 magazines, 5 rounds
Trigger Set trigger or Direct trigger
Stock Synthetic stock black or grey
wood imitation inserts as an extra
System Weaver scope mounting rail
Overall length 980 mm (38,6")
Weight approx. 3,0 kg (6,6 pounds)