Steyr SSG 69

The SSG 69 line of rifles, including the STEYR SSG 69 PI and the STEYR SSG 69 PII, mirrors many years of STEYR MANNLICHER's firearms manufacturing experience.

Their precision and robustness set a trend internationally, for a new generation of modern precision rifles. Despite the fact that their development originated some time ago, the SSG 69 series of precision rifles remain internationally high in demand.


The proven bolt action system of STEYR MANNLICHER hunting rifles is also found in the SSG 69 series of rifles.

Further Configuration Details

The synthetic stock features high robustness, and the flexibility to adjust the length of pull. The receiver is milled to accommodate quick detachable scope mounts, or other aiming devices.


The transparent cover of the synthetic rotary magazine allows the shooter to immediately recognize the number of cartridges in it.


  STEYR SSG 69 PI-No Longer Available Steyr SSG 69 PII Steyr SSG 69 PIV
Calibers .243 Win.
.308 Win.
.243 Win.
.22-250 Rem.
.308 Win.
.308 Win.
Barrel length 508 mm (20") 650 mm (25,6") 409 mm
Magazine 5 cartridges 5 cartridges 5 cartridges
Trigger Direct trigger Direct trigger optional direct trigger or double set trigger
Stock synthetic black synthetic black synthetic black
Type without sights heavy barrel without sights without sights, with heavy barrel and flash hider
Overall length 1.008 mm (39,7") 1.190 mm (46,8") 1.003 mm
Weight 3,9 kg (8,6 pounds) 4,2 kg (9,3 pounds) app. 3,8 kg (app. 8,4 pounds)