The famous STEYR AUG/A3 SA is now available in a version that accepts NATO standard magazines!

Sporting Rifles

Steyr SSG 08

A new milestone from the developers of STEYR MANNLICHER! The new STEYR SSG 08 is the ultimate rifle for every sport shooting purpose!

Steyr Elite 08

Now also available! The STEYR ELITE 08 with aluminium folding stock. The rifle has the same features as the brand new STEYR SSG 08 but is based on the STEYR ELITE system with long picatinny rail on the housing.

Steyr SSG 69

The SSG 69 line of rifles, including the STEYR SSG 69 PI and the STEYR SSG 69 PII, mirrors many years of STEYR MANNLICHER's firearms manufacturing experience.

Steyr SSG 04

The STEYR SSG 04 is an excellent choice for law enforcement, or other security forces, due to its extremely high precision, and utmost reliability.

Steyr SSG 04 A1

The STEYR SSG 04 A1 is a slightly modified version of the professional model. With a long rail Picatinny system, adjustable cheek piece and butt plate, high capacity magazine and a muzzle brake developed by STEYR MANNLICHER it has every technical detail required for precise results.

Steyr Elite

The STEYR ELITE began a new era of precision rifles. Its ultimate accuracy, modern safety standard, and ergonomics, satisfy even the most demanding rifleman.

Steyr HS .50

The STEYR HS .50 opens a new era of long range shooting. The cold hammer forged barrel provides excellent accuracy at an effective range up to 1500 m.

Steyr HS .50 M1

The STEYR HS .50 M1 is the evolution of the well known STEYR HS .50. but the 5 round magazine makes the rifle even more powerful.

Steyr HS .460

The STEYR HS .460 features a cold hammer forged fluted barrel with the original hammer stamps, adjustable bi-pod, and a highly efficient muzzle brake, which reduces recoil substantially to increase shooting comfort.


The STEYR AUG A3/SA USA is the civilian Version of the world-famous STEYR AUG. It is a gas-operated semi automatic rifle with a picatinny rail (Mil. Std. 1913 rail) which allows quick attachment of various optic devices.

Steyr Pistol C-A1

Finally, the compact features of the S-A1 series with the full size grip of the M-A1 series has been blended to make a new compact carry pistol.

Steyr Pistol M-A1

Pistols created since 1912, in the house of STEYR MANNLICHER, are famous all over the world for their futuristic design, superb ergonomics, absolute safety, and extraordinary precision.

Steyr Pistol S-A1

The successor of the STEYR PISTOL S now available in the new version: STEYR PISTOL S-A1. New features of the STEYR PISTOL S-A1 include an ergonomical improved grip with picatinny rail and a conversion kit for 9x19, .40S&W.

Steyr Pistol L-A1

As a full size service pistol the STEYR PISTOL L-A1 is the ideal choice for sport shooters. Thanks to its longer barrel and ideal balance the new Pistol offers optimal shooting performance.