Steyr Pistol L-A1

New in the STEYR PISTOL family: The new STEYR PISTOL L-A1.

As a full size service pistol the STEYR PISTOL L-A1 is the ideal choice for sport shooters.

Thanks to its longer barrel and ideal balance the new Pistol offers optimal shooting performance.


Length x Height x Width 188 mm x 136 mm x 30 mm
Weight (without ammunition) appr. 810 g
Barrel Length 115 mm (4.53")
Calibers 9x19
.40 S&W
Magazine Capacity 9x19 : 17 cartridges
.40 S&W: 12 cartridges
Grip Synthetic black
Trigger Way 4,0 mm (appr.0,2") (constantly)
Sights triangular / trapezoid shape
Extras rectangular sights with or without Trilux, match sights