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SSG 69 Picatinny Rail

SSG 69 Picatinny Rail

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2009):

I spent over 2 hours plus getting this mount to fit my rifle. Now, I discover that the quick release mounts on my scopes will not close all the way. The mount comes without any instructions or Allen wrench for the set screws.

After a lot of trial and error, I came up with a solution. You need to place a double rubber headed hammer against the rear of the mount and hit the other end of the hammer with a steel hammer. A block of wood will not work, and beating the mount with rubber hammer alone only destroys your hammer. The last 1/4 was the worse!!! I had to take a file to the dovetails. You could see by the marks that they were not wide enough. The mounts was dragging on the top of my rifles receiver, so I had to take a file to the bottom of the mount to get some clearance.

Given the fax that I ruined a new hammer, some wood blocks, marred the finish on my rifle and the scope rings don't fit, I would advise against ordering this product. I would have returned this product to the Company, had I not had to beat on it so much to get it on and off my rifle. I should have spent the money on a new magazine. Unless your installing night vison, stay with your factory scope rings.